Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Over the past 4 years you wont be surprised to hear we have come across a lot of different children's bikes with some definitely a lot better than others in terms of quality and safety features. Below we run through some of our professional top tips and recommendations when it comes to purchasing a good quality bike for your child.


WEIGHT: First of all the weight of the bike is crucial as if it is too heavy a child will find it much harder to not only walk with it and hold it up straight but push the pedals and get it moving this straight away can deflate confidence and may lead to avoidable trips and falls - THE LIGHTER THE BETTER!

SIZE: It is important to know that children's bikes are measured in wheel diameter (link to sizing chart) as opposed to frame size. A bike is the right size when your child can comfortably sit on the seat and rest the balls of both feet on the ground and reach the handlebars with a slight bend in the arms when sitting on the seat. Your child should be able to grasp the brakes them and apply them with enough pressure to stop the bike. If you are unsure what wheel size they are be sure to take them to try a few sizes and ask for advice from the retailer. If you are ordering online do your research and read any reviews about sizing.

WHEELS: Our tip is to go with air tyres from the start over Pneumatic wheels as these roll better and are much better when riding on different surfaces such as woodlands.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Try to avoid bikes with added design features that may add extra weight i.e. suspension and don’t worry about gears especially for a first bike, if you do get a bike with gears 1 set is plenty.

If you have a younger child check out our range of Ti-Go balance bikes bikes we stock which are perfect for little riders. Find out more here:


When it comes getting a good reliable bike we highly recommend brands such as Frog, Isla, and Hoy which specialise in children’s bikes although these bikes are more expensive than bikes you will find at shops such as Sports Direct and Smyths you get what you pay for with the lightweight features and components which make them much easier to ride. These bikes tend to not lose a lot of value either if looked after as they are easily sellable or ideal to pass down to younger siblings once ready to move onto another bike.

Another recommendation is the Carrera Cosmos bikes which come in a variety of different designs and colours and are sold by Halfords which for the lower price compared to the brands mentioned above posses’ similar components and are very lightweight; we have seen lots of children 4-7 riding these at our classes.

Speaking of our classes Mini Wheelers can help your child ride their new shiny bike confidently and safely to find out more please get in touch via our website or

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I hope this guide helps and if you need any help or advice please do get in touch as we are always happy to help.

Happy cycling,


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