1.STABILISERS: Our advice is to AVOID stabilisers from the start as once removed a child still has to learn the most important aspect of riding a bike which is balance as they are learning to pedal first, by using a balance bike this whole process is reserved so a child is learning balance first before introducing pedals.

2.SURFACE: Try to avoid using grass as it is much harder to pedal on grass and sustain speed to allow for effective balance. Instead choose a flat tarmac surface that is free from obstacles so they can practice making turns.

3.HELMET: I have seen lots of children learning to ride a bike in the park without wearing a helmet. During the initial stages of learning it is more likely that children may have a wobble and fall off therefore a properly fitted cycle helmet is an essential piece of kit both at this stage and every time your child gets on their bike.

4.SUPPORT: Try to avoid holding your child or the bike as this wont help them gain a feel and understanding of how the bike steers and responds to leaning instead give them a light support under the armpits and you will be able to feel and see whether they are keeping straight or if they are leaning to one side.

5. TOO MUCH TOO SOON: You've heard the saying don't run before you can walk.. the same can be said about learning to ride a bike. Over doing it or putting too much pressure on your child can cause friction and stress for all, we believe cycling should be something fun and enjoyable for your child so try to keep it this way from the start. Go for short learning bursts for better concentration and processing of new skills being learnt.

Struggling to teach your child to cycle? Its not easy but the good news is our expert coaches are here to support you!

We have taught hundreds of children how to cycle confidently and safely at our learn to cycle courses to find out more please get in touch via our website link www.miniwheelers.com or

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