Updated: Aug 21, 2020

With lockdown being extended for a minimum of 3 weeks, we would like to share with you some of our favourite Mini Wheelers cycling games for you to try at home to keep your children active and having fun improving their skills. These are mainly for children who can ride a bike independently but the majority can also be played on balance bikes too.

1. Wiggly weaver

Set out 4 or 5 cones or household objects on the floor for your child to steer around progress to riding a figure of 8 around them. Make the distance between the objects smaller to encourage more challenging tighter turns.

Skills being developed - Braking, control and steering.

2.Bike limbo

Use a stick, brush handle or hold your arm out for your child to ride under to avoid hitting. Make it harder by lowering your object or armm. How low can you go?

Skills being developed - Control, bike handling, skills for riding in areas such as woodlands with low hanging branches.

3. Traffic lights

One of our course favourites! Use a red and green cone for the traffic lights or alternatively something in the house red and green (packets of crisps maybe).

Get your child riding around and looking up for the traffic lights if you hold up a green light they keep going however if you hold up a red light they have to stop as quickly as possible by using BOTH brakes. Progress this by swapping the colours and the commands around to give them something extra to think about- can you catch them out?

Skills being developed - braking, looking up and sharing spaces with others if playing with siblings.

4. Slowly does it

Ride as slow as you can over a certain distance without putting your feet down and only moving straight. This can easily be turned into a race with siblings or parents with the simple rule that the winner is the last one to cross the finish line (remember no touching the floor).

Skills being developed - balance, control & bike handling.

5. Chalk track

Use chalk to design your very own race track, make it any shape you like and why not add in an obstacle or two or a pit stop to refuel maybe - be as creative as you can and own the track! Other ways to use chalk include drawing straight or wavy lines to follow aiming to keep both wheels on the chalk lines.

Skills being developed - balance and control.

We hope you have lots of fun with these games and remember to be safe by wearing a helmet and wearing correct clothing for cycling, especially footwear as flip-flops and loose sandals are not recommended. If you are riding with your children on the road or busy paths brightly coloured clothes or high vis jackets are recommended.

Happy cycling,

Andy :)

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